Every Sunday pastor Verbrugge encourages us with different messages. You can find the list of upcoming sermon topics for Woodland Drive-In Church, and the sermon archive audio files are now available.  We use this easy-to-reach location to make known the love and care of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in an informal setting--especially to those who:

  •     Might have a tendency not to go to a traditional church
  •     Are disenfranchised from their church and are looking around for another
  •     Are physically or mentally challenged
  •     Are medically disabled people
  •     Are vacationing in the area
  •     Want to worship the Lord from the heart, and listen to Bible-based preaching

Copies of letters sent to area churches, describing our ministry and the type of people who attend our church are our best testmonies.

The Woodland Drive-In Church adheres to the basic teachings of the evangelical Christian faith, such as:

  • The Bible as God's inspired Word
  • The Tribune God
  • God the Father as Creator
  • Jesus as our only Savior
  • Holy Spirit as God's gift
  • Faith for salvation
  • Church as the Body of Christ
  • The Second Coming

We offer activities and worship services.

  •     Sunday service year round
  •     Kid's Klub
  •     Fellowship with coffee and treats after each service and dinners four times a year
  •     Communion twice a year
  •     Counseling
  •     Bible correspondence